Doins a-Transpirin’!

There are a couple of exciting things happening for those of you who actually read this page! 😉

First of all, The Call of Chaos has just become available in paperback! Because this has essentially been my goal for years, it means a lot to me to have a copy of my own book that I can hold in my hands! E-books are insanely handy when traveling, but I always prefer to have an actual book in my hands–to smell the pages, hear them turn, and feel the words in my grasp!

I am, understandably, very excited! I may have had a difficult time sleeping the past couple of days.

I am working on putting together a mailing list for those readers interested in keeping up with The Forgotten Years without having to seek out information on their own. It may take a little while but I will get it up and running!

Thank you for reading!


Published by Sean R. Frazier

I love words! I am the author of The Forgotten Years series of fantasy books and I am a total dork!

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