Meet Kendra

Today’s character spotlight is focused on Kendra Alscoradon. She’s crafty, she’s deadly, and she could steal the shirt off your back and be halfway to the next city before you noticed. She is also a loyal friend and strives to do the right thing, even if reluctantly.


  • Kendra fled her home city of Alarantha as a teenager and considers Elston her home. When she did so, she burned bridges–literally.
  • She has the gift of Cloudvision, or Cloudsight, which enables her to see potential dangers.
  • Prides herself on being independent and in control of her own destiny.
  • She pilfered a curious black dagger which has become her weapon of choice, but still has anywhere from 3-5 other concealed weapons on her.

Fantastically brilliant artwork by Ashton Artform


Published by Sean R. Frazier

I love words! I am the author of The Forgotten Years series of fantasy books and I am a total dork!

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