Audible Chaos

It’s true! The Call of Chaos is now available on Audiobook through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes!


Okay, so the crappy sales pitch is out of the way. Let’s get down to specifics. When I began this publishing journey, I hadn’t really considered audio books. Why not, you ask? Well, a variety of reasons, none of which are any good.

First, the thought of hearing my book read aloud is terrifying.

Second, I hadn’t even really considered it until readers began asking for it. It just never entered my brain for some reason. Audiobooks are wildly popular–my wife listens to tons of them constantly–so it makes sense but my marketing brain is so feeble and weak that it simply never occurred to me.

So, how’s the experience? ACX is Amazon/Audible’s interface for making audiobooks. You start a project and, if you have a narrator in mind, you can tag them specifically for the project. If not, then you can solicit auditions (and submit a small snipped of material for them to read). I had quite a few auditions to sift through and most of them were really good. I had to get my family’s opinions to narrow them down.

Then you work with the narrator to get the book done. That’s pretty much it! If there are issues, an experienced narrator can make alterations without having to reread everything. Once you’re satisfied, you send it on up and wait for ACX to approve it.

You can either pay the narrator outright or share royalties. Since I’m not a famous, rich author, I chose to share royalties. Some narrators (who are usually really good and really expensive) specify their payment options, often opting for upfront payment.

And that’s it! Admittedly, the worst part was listening to my book to catch errors. I do truly enjoy my characters and my story but I can constantly pick out things I wish I could still change, and it’s maddening.


Published by Sean R. Frazier

I love words! I am the author of The Forgotten Years series of fantasy books and I am a total dork!

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