Breaking It Down

This weekend, I typed two very important words in my Mage Breaker manuscript.

“The End.”

Then I snapped a pic and deleted them because who actually leaves those words in their book? It’s purely for closure, at least for me.

But that’s not important right now. What IS important is the fact that Mage Breaker’s first draft is finished and it’s now in the hands of my betas so they can shove the words down their eye sockets. Truly, I hope they love it at least half as much as I do (which means I love it twice as much as they do).

I’ve been trying to digest my thoughts about completing this work. You see, The Forgotten Years took about five years to write, but it was an idea I held onto for twenty. It lived in my brain with me, it poked at me constantly, and it even ordered its own coffee sometimes. It was a living thing, as much a part of me as my second liver.

Wait, you guys don’t have two livers? Huh. Humans…so weird.

But Mage Breaker was an idea that came to be around the time I was finishing Descent Into Madness. As I wrote Ascent Into Light, Mage Breaker continued poking at me, getting my attention and, through the course of a year, morphed from a mere idea into an entire book (and several major things changed a bit).

And, guys, I wrote this book in less than a year–that’s pretty fast for me, especially in a pandemic when I literally didn’t write a word for three months straight.

And now it’s done. And, I have to tell you, I love this book. I love everything about it. I loved the idea when it was new and I loved writing it. I adore it.

And it’s not going to see publication for a while. And that kills me. However, I’m taking my time with this one. I’m grooming it for big things to come with the hopes that it’ll reach a wide audience. I just don’t know how I’m going to do that yet.

But it’ll happen.

Mage Breaker is not my usual genre. I’ve never written anything but straight Fantasy until now, which I’m going to call Science-Fantasy. Think Star Wars but a bit more low-key, and far fewer action figures and playsets.

But, truly, I dig this book so hard and I can’t wait for readers to enjoy it.

Because I believe they will.


Published by Sean R. Frazier

I love words! I am the author of The Forgotten Years series of fantasy books and I am a total dork!

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