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Meet Dalinil

Dalinil Thruscar is a hot-headed young man on the run. Accused of murder, he fled Ten Kings to start a new life but got swept up in Cygil’s newfound trouble.


  • Dalinil is a talented blacksmith, and crafted his own axe from Blood Iron.
  • He can channel the Threads much like Cor’il.
  • He exhibits a greater control over the Threads than Cor’il, but uses them in different ways, and seems to lack the power that Cor’il possesses.

(Thank you, again, to Ashton Artform for the amazing artwork!!!)

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Meet Orvaril

Orvaril is a charmer–a sweet talker who seems to be able to get people to do exactly what he wants. He is also a talented orator, singer, and lute player.


  • A storyweaver at heart, he is not a fan of combat, but his lute has a string on the back that he uses to fire specially-made arrows if he needs to
  • Has no hair on the left side of his head
  • Snores loudly…and often, sometimes when awake.

Brilliant artwork by Ashton Artform

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Meet Kendra

Today’s character spotlight is focused on Kendra Alscoradon. She’s crafty, she’s deadly, and she could steal the shirt off your back and be halfway to the next city before you noticed. She is also a loyal friend and strives to do the right thing, even if reluctantly.


  • Kendra fled her home city of Alarantha as a teenager and considers Elston her home. When she did so, she burned bridges–literally.
  • She has the gift of Cloudvision, or Cloudsight, which enables her to see potential dangers.
  • Prides herself on being independent and in control of her own destiny.
  • She pilfered a curious black dagger which has become her weapon of choice, but still has anywhere from 3-5 other concealed weapons on her.

Fantastically brilliant artwork by Ashton Artform

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Meet Cor’il!

This is Cor’il Silvermoon, one of the characters in The Forgotten Years saga.


  • Exiled from his homeland, Kuranthas, because of his dangerous abilities.
  • Wandering the strange Realm of Cygil, searching for a new home.
  • During his travels, he unlocks a mystery about the world which changes everything.
  • Caught up in a major crisis with no idea how to solve it.
  • Handy with a sword, but that’s not his real strength.
  • Not a fan of Scorovian hog juice but, then, who is?

(Not my artwork, btw.)

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An Author: What’s It Like?

“Oh, you’re an author? Are you rich yet?”

I have  been asked this question–in jest, of course. I don’t think anyone actually expects me to make millions of dollars off of my writing endeavors. I’m not saying I wouldn’t be happy to do so, but I am saying that it’s not likely.

You see, for a vast majority of authors, writing is a terrible business plan. It’s a trap–a losing proposition. Writing is most often a money sink and you will spend more money on your efforts than you will probably ever make.

But don’t despair! If you know this going in, you won’t be so surprised! Yeah, I know that’s not a lot of reassurance, but you’ve got to know that the Stephen Kings and J.K. Rowlings of the world are few and far between. Plenty of other authors make money off their writing, but they’re not in the same category.

Writing, in and of itself, is free. Pen and paper or word processor or whatever–most people have the supplies needed to write. Ideas are free. Imagination is free. Gumption is free! I’m still not sure what that is, but it’s free! If you have the skills and knowledge to make your own cover, you’re golden! If not…

Fork in the road! But let’s forget the book cover for now.

Go left: Spend no money and spam your message on social media. Show up to free author events with no fancy displays, business cards, or handouts except for your shiny personality. Very doable, but very, very rough.

Go right: Oh what a rabbit hole this is. There are all kinds of independent social media marketers out there, or you can pay Facebook and Twitter to advertise for you. Book stands, table covers, and other display items are good for personal appearances. Business cards and bookmarks are handy, too. Also, most events cost money to reserve a table.

And you’ll want to purchase author copies (if available) of your book to sell at events.

Oh, and before you publish, HIRE AN EDITOR! This isn’t cheap, but it’s absolutely necessary!!! Don’t skimp here, guys.

And how about that book cover? Can’t create one of your own? You’re going to need to hire someone to make you a snazzy cover. No, seriously, you will. Don’t half-ass this

Supplemental artwork like maps or characters? Those cost money.

How much will you make off each book? That’s all subjective, but we’ll say anywhere from $2 to $10. It’s a lot of work to sell books, and you HAVE to be prepared to sink some money into it, not knowing if you’ll ever make it back.

And, let’s say you make that money back.

When’s your next book coming out?

<rinse, repeat>

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The Writer’s Mind

I had something I wanted to blog about this morning.

Then I had to work unexpectedly.

Then I went for a run.

Now I am brain dead and watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So I’ll just leave everyone with my favorite limerick.


There once was a woman from Hyde

Who ate a green apple and died.

The husband lamented, the apple fermented

And made cider inside her inside.

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Ho Ho No

The holidays! Oh what a splendid time to catch up with family, be kind and generous and, of course, eat. I enjoy them, I really do!

Except, I also don’t. Now, before you call me a heathen and commit me to a mental facility, hear me out.

The holidays are busy. Even if you don’t think they’re going to be busy (and, if you don’t, you’re nuts), they are an insanely busy time. I’m talking “Crap, I was so busy I forgot to put on pants” busy. And, for me, this starts right around late September.

Because, for me, Halloween counts as one of “The Holidays.” So, at that moment, my thoughts generally become active around whatever holiday is coming up. Halloween decorations, Thanksgiving plans, Christmas shopping, not remembering what happened on New Years…you know, the usual.

And, because my thoughts become generally consumed by the festivities and related planning, my writing and creativity tends to suffer a bit. To say that my output is anemic during this time is to say the Death Star was just some mobile home. But imagine the yard flamingos!

It gets frustrating, though, because I love to write–It’s my getaway. But, during this time and for quite some time after, it becomes work. This means that I am more liable to find an excuse NOT to write and, instead, skip it and waste my time pursuing other activities. And “other activities” DON’T WRITE BOOKS!

And my brain continues inventing new ideas but my fingers aren’t keeping up. It’s like being on an assembly line, building widgets, but I have to go to the bathroom. No, wait…maybe not like that.

Anyway, it’s going to be rough for a while–in all areas, most likely. This is when I have to make sure to stay on task. “Descent Into Madness” isn’t going to write itself!

Not yet, anyway. Once a book can write itself, I’m out of my hobby. 😦