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What Came Next Was Unspeakable

SharakturIllustrationFINAL2The people of Cygil have more to worry about than orcs and goblins. What came after was pure Madness. It threatens to overrun the Realm and consume everything and everyone. It cannot be reasoned with. It cannot be bargained with. It may not even be able to be fought.

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Orc Orc Orc!

This happy little guy is an orc From The Forgotten Years. His likes include: fighting, axes, and burning down elven villages.

His dislikes include: not fighting, and just about anything else that isn’t an orc.

(Thanks to Ashton Artform for yet another great piece of artwork!)


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Let the Editing Begin

Two blog posts in the span of one week! You’d think I was taking this whole writing thing seriously!

I figured I’d pop in briefly to say that I have finished writing Descent Into Madness! However, before you pop the champagne and make a terrible mess that I’m going to have to clean up (and no glitter, please), this isn’t the end.

While readers are that much closer to finding out what happens to Cor’il and his friends, there is editing to be done! Yes, it’s a dirty word and I try never to speak of it, but it’s also necessary.

However, this means that there is a chance that Descent Into Madness will make it out into the world before the end of 2018–a possibility that I am very excited about!

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Meet The Blacksmoke

The mastermind behind a network of spies, thieves, and assassins, The Blacksmoke always has a plan in mind, usually motivated by his own desires. He considers Elston to be his city, but is generous enough to let others pretend to rule it.


  • He [redacted]
  • At one time, [redacted]
  • [redacted]

(artwork by Ford Ashton of Ashton Artform)

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Meet Dalinil

Dalinil Thruscar is a hot-headed young man on the run. Accused of murder, he fled Ten Kings to start a new life but got swept up in Cygil’s newfound trouble.


  • Dalinil is a talented blacksmith, and crafted his own axe from Blood Iron.
  • He can channel the Threads much like Cor’il.
  • He exhibits a greater control over the Threads than Cor’il, but uses them in different ways, and seems to lack the power that Cor’il possesses.

(Thank you, again, to Ashton Artform for the amazing artwork!!!)

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Meet Orvaril

Orvaril is a charmer–a sweet talker who seems to be able to get people to do exactly what he wants. He is also a talented orator, singer, and lute player.


  • A storyweaver at heart, he is not a fan of combat, but his lute has a string on the back that he uses to fire specially-made arrows if he needs to
  • Has no hair on the left side of his head
  • Snores loudly…and often, sometimes when awake.

Brilliant artwork by Ashton Artform

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Meet Kendra

Today’s character spotlight is focused on Kendra Alscoradon. She’s crafty, she’s deadly, and she could steal the shirt off your back and be halfway to the next city before you noticed. She is also a loyal friend and strives to do the right thing, even if reluctantly.


  • Kendra fled her home city of Alarantha as a teenager and considers Elston her home. When she did so, she burned bridges–literally.
  • She has the gift of Cloudvision, or Cloudsight, which enables her to see potential dangers.
  • Prides herself on being independent and in control of her own destiny.
  • She pilfered a curious black dagger which has become her weapon of choice, but still has anywhere from 3-5 other concealed weapons on her.

Fantastically brilliant artwork by Ashton Artform