Libraries Rock!

First off, if you happen to be in the Columbia, Missouri area on Saturday (11/12), from 10-1 I’ll be hanging out at Daniel Boone Regional Library’s Local Author Open House, signing books and just soaking up the author life! Stop by and say hi if you’re in the vicinity!

Which segues into the main point of this blog–libraries are awesome!

When I was a kid, libraries really existed for one purpose–books. And while that is a noble purpose and important service, it was one-dimensional. Libraries have come such a long way since then. They offer all kinds of great services including free tax prep, kids’ events, and yes, author events!

And I fully acknowledge a library is the absolute toughest venue at which to sell books, it’s not so much about sales as it is connecting. I’ve met a bunch of awesome authors and readers at these events.

Authors and readers alike should check out their library’s services/activities and see what they offer. The best part is, if they don’t offer something you had in mind, you can always propose the idea to them! Library staff are some of the coolest, most creative people I’ve ever met and they absolutely geek out over new, innovative ideas!

Also, support authors and libraries and let’s stop banning books already!


Published by Sean R. Frazier

I love words! I am the author of The Forgotten Years series of fantasy books and I am a total dork!

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